Delhi Covid Care
Design for Delhi Govt.'s COVID Relief and Citizen Service Efforts
I'm currently involved in the Delhi govt.'s efforts to provide updates, information, relief and medical services to citizens in Delhi. As a part of this effort, I've helped take these services to citizens through the web and mobile apps.
Both the mobile and the web apps are simply structured to provide these 3 categories of information to the citizens:
1. COVID-related updates
2. Information about Corona, including self-tests
3. Lock down services such as finding shelter, hunger relief, e-pass for mobility, etc.
The landing screen of the mobile app has the 3 options of Updates, Information and Lockdown Services
Inside each of the contexts, there's a visual list of all the possible further entry points to govt.'s websites or the information, respectively
The website
The web pages are created following the same scheme of information distribution as the mobile apps. Users can access all the information from the 3 high-level tabs of Lockdown services, Information and Data.
Along with the information, there's also available a lot of documentation in the form of lists of health centres, containment zones, relief centres, etc. This is available in the form of downloadable PDFs