I like & recommend
One mustn't give oneself too much of a good song, but not too less either.
I like to discover new artistes or old music that is lesser heard, the notes of which come from the depth of our soul. Here's a collection which I will keep growing. Hope you enjoy. If you have some great music to share with me, please don't hesitate to write in!
Impasto (& Swen Wunder)
Swen Wunder's music has Turkish influences, however, it has a flavour completely of its own. I would've loved to include more songs from him here but let this be a teaser for the others, why don't I?
Incantation VIII
Bach of the electronic era? My latest longest lasting musical obsession, possibly eternally? If music is what language would like to be, the sound of Prefuse73 is what all of music and language, including silence, would come together to be. This sound is perhaps the most beautiful mistake that’s happened on planet earth. How much will I recommend you listening to all of Guillmore’s discography? Maybe as much as the numbers of stars in this universe. Maybe more. Much more, yeah. Maybe I’ll recommend it for as long as the earth rotates on its 23 degrees axis.
Le singe bleu
A short song that feels quite long, doing justice to its title. A sublime symphony that carries you gently with it.
Det Blev Sent
You're listening to a late night jazz playlist on Spotify and then this tune comes out of the blue and hits you, like a high tide that suddenly arose out of nowhere and drenched you. You woke up just in time. 
Or... did you?
A departure from most other artistes I have heard. This track, but also the entire album is a treat and is almost a timeless treat I'm going to cherish for lifelong.
Atoms Song
I was walking in Mumbai on a rainy evening and Spotify recommended this song as a part of my Discover Weekly list. It merged beautifully with the quiet dying hustle of the rain-drowned yet moving city.
You Were Bigger Than Life
Woke up one morning to see this song in a message from a friend who's an illustrator and musician herself. The song's title matches the feeling that the music creates inside. What a way to wake up!
Peace Piece
Although a cover for one of my favourites by Bill Evans, but this one feels quite like an original. So if you're feeling down or anxious and want to ground yourself and relax, tune in!
Valentine My Funny
A different take on the original classic 'My Funny Valentine', as enjoyable as the classic itself.
Do I Hear?
Oh this one is another timeless song in my mind. C Duncan combines notes and chords mesmerisingly to create deep listening spaces. Unusual kind of stuff.
Truth Lies Low
The genius of Andrew Bird. I needn't write more.
Skating In Central Park
The song perhaps presents a beautiful scene of people skating in Central Park which Bill Evans is watching through the window of his mind while he's as successful in making us imagine too. Play. Shut your eyes. Enjoy the winter evening scene through the universal mind of Bill Evans.
Little Lies
One of those deviant discoveries on Spotify. If one zooms out, the song, a short poem, actually just plays twice, once in 1/2x the speed, but ODIE has played well. Look up, look up, the sky is falling! She's falling... for you.
After Dark
A beautiful discovery, this piece by Amanda Whiting is a haunting melody, best enjoyed in a quiet evening.
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
I would share all of Bill Evans' music since he's IMHO a genre of his own and I can listen to him hours on end, while going on about my days and evenings. However, here's one of my favourites by him.
Oh, this song! Where did this appear from? Just beautiful. Love Parcels.
Oh, mon amour, 
when you walk out the door, 
I'm more lost than before, 
and every night is another war
Dream Weaving
Actually all of Justin Walter's music is dream weaving but this track stands out for me as a slow dream weaving sequence that grips and takes you on a sublime journey.
The Universe In Her Eyes
From their Album 'Playground', the song is a playful mashup of sounds varying in intensity and feelings. The just right bends in pitch add a unique flavour.
The Peacocks
You know I like you if I've recommended this song to you. I mean, what could be more beautiful than Stan Getz and Bill Evans playing this on Bill Evans' birthday eve?