Ragya has evolved into its next version in 2020 and is currently under development. Details/Screens can be shared on-request.
Founder, Chief of Design & Relations • Dec 2018 - Current
Ragya is the (beautiful) product of meeting of my love for Music as well as design. Making Ragya not just took me deeper into product design but also taught me to set up a business from ground up, make mistakes, develop relationships with patience and persistence, lead a multi-disciplinary team, and over and above everything, to believe in my dream.
I managed all the aspects of the setting up of Ragya as it stands today - a democratic streaming service dedicated to Indian classical music. I led a team of 2 content personnels, 4 frontend developers, 2 backend developers and 2 audio/video editors. Apart from the above, I created (and continue to) and managed almost all the relationships in the artiste and classical music network.
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Concept & Design
The Prahars
It is a well-known fact that most ragas (frameworks of notes) are best enjoyed in certain times of the day. So, there are ragas that are quintessentially morning ragas or evening ragas, and so on... for the 8 time sections of the day. This is the simple idea with which Ragya 2.0 is built, and which makes it a dont-make-me-think app.
2 states of the Ragya app interface
I tested the initial prototypes of Ragya with some users and eventually arrived at a simplified UI system which was comprised of 2 states, keeping in mind the core functionality of Ragya - the music player.
The entire experience of Ragya 2.0 can be summed up in 2 states of the app: 
1. A full screen player
2. An information panel accompanied by a mini player
a shows the Ragya full screen player.
b shows a screen with a generic information panel accompanied with a mini player at the bottom
Shown below are all possible kinds of screens with the mini player docked at the bottom.
Raga + Gyaan
Not only can one enjoy music listening on Ragya, but also Ragya bridges the gap of knowledge about the ecosystem of Indian classical music. As a listener, one can get information about the artist and the raga one is listening to.
Learn more about the artiste
Clicking on either the artiste's image or the name brings up the information pane with the artiste bio.
Learn more about the raga
Clicking on the name of the raga brings up the raga information pane which displays all the nuances of the raga.
Inspired by nature
Ragya's interface is influenced by and has elements of nature embedded in it at multiple levels. The elements appear in three forms: 1. Seamless background (videos) for each prahar, which presents a scene of pure natural beauty, 2. Colour of the sky, which presets the raga and the mood of the song, and, 3. The flower petals which encapsulate the filters for the listening experience.
Seamless background videos
Painting the scene of the prahar​​​​​​​
The interface of the Ragya is not just functionally simple but also aesthetically embedded in natural beauty. The interface has, as a background, scenes from pure natural beauty from the time section of the day of which the music is being rendered. Shown below are snapshots from a few time sections of the day.
Colour of the sky
Prahar-specific colour gradients
Each prahar (time of the day) presentation had a gradient background to complement the information to be presented for that raga.
(left) the colour gradients for each of the 8 time sections.
Shown below are applications of the colour gradients for a few ragas, played in specific times of the day.
Customisability of playback
Listeners can choose to customise the playback of music to filter it by Instrumental and Vocal music, and further in vocals - male and/or female.
For the art & the artistes
When we get in touch with artistes, we send them a 10-page PDF with the story of Ragya and the plan ahead.
Guidelines for sharing content with Ragya
When artistes share their content with Ragya, its best shared in a specific format of naming, for transfer of information about the tracks. I've created a simple 1-pager which accompanies the welcome email for them to understand this easily.
Earnings for artistes​​​​​​​
Ragya is not just a listening experience but also it is a great and unique platform for the Hindustani artistes to showcase their art to an audience that is interested in this music specifically.
Additionally, it is a source of revenue for artistes and other partners who bring in their music on the platform. The partners are kept in loop of their earnings each calendar quarter about the earnings of the platform and their share in it.
Ragya is slowly and steadily growing and soon going to be moving into its next phase where it'll become more expansive as a platform. Do tune into the current version of Ragya in the meanwhile.
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Available across the web & mobile
Ragya is accessible on the web at ragya.com. Additionally, apps are available on both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Playstore.