India's spend on Health, Education and Sanitation Awareness
Consulting Designer•2014
In 2014, FOLO worked with The Accountability Initiative (Centre for Policy Research) to visually illustrate the funds allocated for public health, public school education and on spreading sanitation awareness (Swachh Bharat Abhiyan). These data artworks are presentations of allocated funds vs. impact and in most cases, unused funds as well.
The theme as the metaphor
For each of the 3 information areas, I used the elements of the context to be presented, to tell the story visually. Not only the visual story, I also gave each of the infographics a fitting title as well.
Public Health
For the public health story, I used the vaccine bottle, the syringe, ad capsules to draw the attention of the viewer to the numbers. The title of this infographic was inspired by one of my favourite movies.
Public Schools
The notebook, pencil, pencil shavings and the eraser became tools for telling the story.
Sanitation Awareness
The metaphor of water flow and its containers was employed to tell this story. Water is shown to be flowing from a large tank into an earthen vessel, which is an element common to the section of Indian population which needs this education most.