The Sunglass Ui was designed in a way to accomodate the varying needs of the users; from needing a large amunt of space free for viewing the models well, to running apps or having conversations. For these reasons, the UI components were designed to behave as drawers for the content. Individual boxes of information expanded and collapsed based on the demand for them.
The Sunglass player is the new way of presenting your 3D content online. It allows for the embedding of the 3D object from the Sunglass stage into your website or your blog. The player also allows for basic operations such as rotate, pan, zoom and auto-rotate. Additionally, users can create and save views in the stage, which the Sunglass player can present.
The player also allows for the viewers to be able to read about the project and share it with the rest of the world.
Sunglass is a platform where people with different views and possibly knowledge sets on a product come together and collaborate in the same space. This is much like how the honey bees who might be all different bring all the nectar they collect individually to the hive and put it together to create the product that we call honey. This made the beehive an easy choice for the inspiration of the Sunglass UI.